Feb. 9th, 2013

pennilee: (concerned)
Don't you absolutely hate it when someone says you haven't done your best and scorns your work when you have, in fact, done your best and knows that they have not an ounce of an idea of what they're actually talking about?

Yeah. That's how I feel right now. So I drew a picture that's on deviantart (here) and, as you might've noticed, it's using digital art and has color added on. Well, I'm purely traditional right now and, really, don't use any colors and only shade my pictures. So, of course, the result is obviously going to be different and not as good as the original. (erasing, smudging, etc, plus colors sometimes expresses things and I simply can't put that into my picture)

So it came out like this and this- not as good and less detailed, since I can't spend too much time and details in the background. But. I think it still looks pretty good.

Not so much with my dad. He thinks I didn't put effort and keeps asking me where does the light come from and shook his head and frowned and said no and I was like   oh hell no you didn't you have no idea what you're talking about acting as if you know everything I did and spent into my baby and just rejecting it as if YOU'RE an experienced art teacher He even told me he failed art class in high school. And he DARES to say it's not good, and, ON TOP OF THAT, I didn't put any effort into it.

I understand and accept the criticism part. Yes, it's perfectly acceptable that he doesn't think it's top-notch- I do too. But he considers it lacking effort. THAT'S BECAUSE I AM DRAWING SOMETHING THAT REQUIRES A WACOM TABLET AND A GOOD AMOUNT OF SKILL OF DIGITAL COLORING TO EVEN MATCH THE ORIGINAL. UHM. I'M DRAWING TRADITIONALLY TOO, IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, AND I'M SKETCHING.


Some things you need to know about him- he's idealistic, expects too much and thinks things are easy and possible if you put your heart in it. Well, bro, art doesn't work that way. I wish someone can slap some sense into my father regarding art.

PS: about the GA I participated- the GA host sent out my book yesterday. :D I'm thinking about getting books from Mandarake next and already contacted a shopping service on it. :D And hopefully I can get the books I want from [livejournal.com profile] akino_furusato next, but man her prices are not very cheap... and she's shipping from Japan so. xD It's also a pain to use Paypal in my condition right now, haha. //shot Dammit, I also want [livejournal.com profile] dejikos Code Geass books too, especially the one by muzzle, but God shipping >.<

edit #2: And, of course, I already participated in another GA the host put up with so I'm ordering the Mandarake store and the GA at the same time- that I can handle, bu [livejournal.com profile] akino_furusato's sales would have to wait. Don't even tell me about the other potential buy. xD

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