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Alright, finished the pic... and it looks horrible. ;u; Posting other pics of my art as well. xP
I'm sorry- it looks nothing like the beauty I had originally copied from. 'Cuz I can't draw guys and epic pictures and digital art to save my life.
pic-iesssss )
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Holy! I received the Canon camera just today! And after I've posted about it yesterday! Talk about fast shipping. :3 Well, now in case I'm going to sell my stuff and I need to provide photos, that cam's going to come into handy. :3 That baby looks good, and the flash drive is no problem- just gotta pull it up beforehand taking pics. :D It's so awesome! The cam is for semiprofessionals, and since I'm in the yearbook club, it's great! :D God, I love it. :3 //squee
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Woot, purchased a used Canon Rebel EOS XTi SLR cam 10.1 MP w/18mm-55mm lens on eBay! It comes with case, USB cord, charger, battery, lens caps, manual, a 2GB memory card, and some other stuff. However, it's flash drive must be propped up manually or else it will come with an error message, and I must turn it off and on. Otherwise all is good- I can't wait to be receiving it! Talk about a good Christmas present! Such a bargain too! @237.50! :D //dances

Can't wait for it to come! //btw, he said he would ship it priority but there's no tracking... D: Oh well, it just needs to arrive within the time frame. :)

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