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Happy Christmas and a happy New Years! And yes, I did sing Marukaite Chikyuu when it turned exactly 12 AM on December 25th. :3
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I have so many books to read! I finished Gone with the Wind sometime ago (what a great book!) and am jumping into Les Miserables. I've always wanted to read the book, but the 1500+ pages scared me for a while, making me think I have no time for it. :p But now, since the movie's almost being released, I thought- what a good time to dive in! So I went to the local library and checked out a copy of it. It was the Norman Denny Penguin classics one. The Signet one wqas pretty much unreadable for me, and the Modern Library by Julie Rose was too modern- heard she tried making it more appealing to modern time people by cutting out entire passages of Les Miserables and replaced it with what she thought was more readable. 

So yeah. Denny's edition sounded pretty good to me. And so I opened the book, taking note of the crinkled cover and taped binding. I took a deep breath and flipped the pages, reading the introduction and then going on to the first page of the book. \

I'm around 200+ pages in right now, and it's looking pretty good- drama's going to come, and hit me like a train. I especially love the way Valjean is contemplating on his morals right now, between staying as Madeleine or going in to take the place of Champathieu. Such an interesting character he is! 

Either way, after this story, I'm going to finish the long-on-gold book of The Storm of Swords- haven't been reading it since September when I borrowed it from the library and lost it, needing to pay $27 in fines, since there's a $10 "processing fee". I'm seriously thinking it was just to warn me of the consequences. xD 

So yup- listening to Les Mis' music (I Dreamed a Dream or Do You Hear the People Sing) and Game of Thrones' theme song is awesome. Especially in this cold weather, curled up, covered in blankets, drinking hot cocca, with rain, and with the book in my hand. :D 

I had to purchase the Storm of Swords + A Feast for Crows since I'm afraid of losing the book again. xD But I got them both used in acceptable condition for $7.5 shipped! And I love used books. :3 It is all good- those two books are going to keep me busy for a while. xD

Can't wait to see the movie! Going on premiere day, which is on Christmas, awesome, great day to appreciate life! You going? :D
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Holy! I received the Canon camera just today! And after I've posted about it yesterday! Talk about fast shipping. :3 Well, now in case I'm going to sell my stuff and I need to provide photos, that cam's going to come into handy. :3 That baby looks good, and the flash drive is no problem- just gotta pull it up beforehand taking pics. :D It's so awesome! The cam is for semiprofessionals, and since I'm in the yearbook club, it's great! :D God, I love it. :3 //squee
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Woot, purchased a used Canon Rebel EOS XTi SLR cam 10.1 MP w/18mm-55mm lens on eBay! It comes with case, USB cord, charger, battery, lens caps, manual, a 2GB memory card, and some other stuff. However, it's flash drive must be propped up manually or else it will come with an error message, and I must turn it off and on. Otherwise all is good- I can't wait to be receiving it! Talk about a good Christmas present! Such a bargain too! @237.50! :D //dances

Can't wait for it to come! //btw, he said he would ship it priority but there's no tracking... D: Oh well, it just needs to arrive within the time frame. :)


Dec. 12th, 2012 07:26 pm
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Woot, today is 12/12/12! The first and only time it will be such a date. :D

Also, progressed on ToonTown- now maxxed four gags, about to get juggling balls, and is 106 laff and got my lawbot suit- is training for CEO suit. T_T However, the suit is quite hard, so... //must do so many front threes xD Gained a couple of good friends on TT btw. :) Haha, oh why, Toontown, you call me back when I've quit? Seriously, Disney is a genius- it knows that we will forever be chained to Toontown. xD Been playing since around 2009/2010. xD 

Also need to finish 1st part of fic by deadline, which is at the end of this year. God. :/ So much pressure right now, ugh. Work is also piling up. :p Tests and exams are coming to me at the speed of a 200 mph train. :( Maybe because of my laziness, too, but whatever. 

Hey, at least I finished my drawing/detailed sketch. Now, onto another picture! GAH, I want to draw so much things and I've all favorited them but I have so many more to go and ugh. But that's my life, and hey, I kinda like it. :D At least I'm not chained by debt. ^____^" 

I am also planning to get a box of Box 1 Hetalia rubber straps from a Japanese site that can ship internationally- either YesAsia or cdjapan,co, depending on which company has it in stock and which is cheaper. So far cdjapan is, but they only have three in stock- YesAsia is around at $5 extra cost, but they're consistant on the stock. So I don't know until I save up enough money to purchase from them. If any of you guys know a cheaper but trustworthy site to order from, please tell me! :D A site that can accept Paypal anyways. :p

I kinda want to get a Pixiv girls artbook 2012, but I don't think I'll be able to save up to ~$100 (straps and artbook+SHIPPING OMG SHIPPING YOU DREADFUL THING). Once I order the box of straps at around Christmas/New Years, I'll probably be keeping them for a while then having a huge sale of whatever Hetalia merch I don't really want. Haha, I don't even know how much I have. xD 

 However, USPS failed me on the first package I sent, so... :/ Grrr. Not funny, USPS. My trust in you has dropped around 40%, despite the fact that my letters you have always managed to deliver. :p First impression last the most, bro!

Looking forward to Christmas, btw- I can just imagine the lights shining outside, drinking Hot Milk Tea and curled up reading Les Miserables. :D Oh, who's going to watch the movie? :D So excited for it! ^_^ Also, I just love the fact that on Christmas, pretty much everyone forget fighting, hating, and stop shaking fists at each other but reconcile or at least, forget it for just a day, Man, I wish that this could last 24/7 365 days! :D It's raining outside right now, hmm, wonder if I should read A Christmas Carol right now or listen to a Christmas-y song... OH, I know! What about Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart) don't know the title by Wham!? OH YEAH! :3

Either way, God bless you! :)

That's pretty much it. :D

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