Dec. 12th, 2012 07:26 pm
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Woot, today is 12/12/12! The first and only time it will be such a date. :D

Also, progressed on ToonTown- now maxxed four gags, about to get juggling balls, and is 106 laff and got my lawbot suit- is training for CEO suit. T_T However, the suit is quite hard, so... //must do so many front threes xD Gained a couple of good friends on TT btw. :) Haha, oh why, Toontown, you call me back when I've quit? Seriously, Disney is a genius- it knows that we will forever be chained to Toontown. xD Been playing since around 2009/2010. xD 

Also need to finish 1st part of fic by deadline, which is at the end of this year. God. :/ So much pressure right now, ugh. Work is also piling up. :p Tests and exams are coming to me at the speed of a 200 mph train. :( Maybe because of my laziness, too, but whatever. 

Hey, at least I finished my drawing/detailed sketch. Now, onto another picture! GAH, I want to draw so much things and I've all favorited them but I have so many more to go and ugh. But that's my life, and hey, I kinda like it. :D At least I'm not chained by debt. ^____^" 

I am also planning to get a box of Box 1 Hetalia rubber straps from a Japanese site that can ship internationally- either YesAsia or cdjapan,co, depending on which company has it in stock and which is cheaper. So far cdjapan is, but they only have three in stock- YesAsia is around at $5 extra cost, but they're consistant on the stock. So I don't know until I save up enough money to purchase from them. If any of you guys know a cheaper but trustworthy site to order from, please tell me! :D A site that can accept Paypal anyways. :p

I kinda want to get a Pixiv girls artbook 2012, but I don't think I'll be able to save up to ~$100 (straps and artbook+SHIPPING OMG SHIPPING YOU DREADFUL THING). Once I order the box of straps at around Christmas/New Years, I'll probably be keeping them for a while then having a huge sale of whatever Hetalia merch I don't really want. Haha, I don't even know how much I have. xD 

 However, USPS failed me on the first package I sent, so... :/ Grrr. Not funny, USPS. My trust in you has dropped around 40%, despite the fact that my letters you have always managed to deliver. :p First impression last the most, bro!

Looking forward to Christmas, btw- I can just imagine the lights shining outside, drinking Hot Milk Tea and curled up reading Les Miserables. :D Oh, who's going to watch the movie? :D So excited for it! ^_^ Also, I just love the fact that on Christmas, pretty much everyone forget fighting, hating, and stop shaking fists at each other but reconcile or at least, forget it for just a day, Man, I wish that this could last 24/7 365 days! :D It's raining outside right now, hmm, wonder if I should read A Christmas Carol right now or listen to a Christmas-y song... OH, I know! What about Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart) don't know the title by Wham!? OH YEAH! :3

Either way, God bless you! :)

That's pretty much it. :D
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Remind me...

Why am I playing Toontown again? Especially when the game's so addicting? I'm having trouble staying on tasks now, and the game membership fee is actually quite abnormal... ;u; Oh, at least it's not permanent. I'll just move on (and then come back) when Toontown doesn't give its old members something new to do. :p

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