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I feel so terrible- I want to write, but I've barely got the time- when I do I feel like going to sleep or riding my bike. My novel has only begun since I half-finished the planning/plot, so I've barely started. //sigh

Hopefully summer will sweep me over its soft, warm breeze, because my story relies heavily on the heavy summer heat. And to be able to write a story, you must experience what you write.(:
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So I watched Psycho Pass around a month ago and tbh I still have complicated emotions about it, much like Code Geass but without any notions of pairings or ships or anything romantic. Psycho Pass is, to me, simply an anime that Gen uses to broadcast his ideas and beliefs.

I can't recall much of what I watched now, but after reading this that pretty much summed up all of what I thought about it. Sibyl, the system in which governed Japan and took away free will with full consent from the people, and, essentially humanity in turn for protection and happiness and stability (Brave New World much?). However, I don't think humans can live under Sibyl because without the conventional chaos in society (which doesn't exist in the alternate future of Japan because everything is ensured and controlled by Sibyl, from where you're going to work and live and die and marry the moment you're born) humanity will stagnate and become stupid and dull and will no longer have the will to survive, which basically summed up my belief- the destruction of humanity.

By entrusting your life to others or the government because you cannot handle yourself is exactly what the PP-Japan is doing and doesn't that in essentially take away life's meaning? The moment you're born, your life has already been decided- then what's the meaning for me to live? If I cannot find my own way in life, what's the point? What's the whole point in following people's orders in turn for happiness that might not even actually be my own happiness but the State's happiness? And even if it is, is that real happiness? To live under someone else your whole entire life, being protected by a system of justice that controlls every aspect of life?

Essentially I don't think a society can exist in humanity in the first place because humanity cannot live without chaos- such a society will stagnate and regress because humanity needs progress in order to develop themselves further and without it we will not be humans anymore.


May. 5th, 2013 05:36 pm
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In the rare bouts of my seriousness I wonder why people are not seeing the truth in their actions and the inevitability of destruction of humanity and freedom in the path they're heading towards. The concept of freedom has been so twisted and delved in our society that it is probably never going to come back to its full glory. Us using technology, using it as a method and mean of pleasure and to immerse ourselves in it leads us to stupidity because we endorse ourselves in technology so much that we might be controlled by government. I'm probably not making any sense right now but I'm terrified that we are, in reality, being controlled and perhaps in a drug-induced state caused by so much pleasure that we do not even care about our personal freedom anymore- freedom has been traded in for happiness which will be, to humans, technology, progressment in a dangerous path, and drugs. (basing idea on Brave New World)

Repost ;u;

Apr. 5th, 2013 06:52 pm
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Saw this on [ profile] kanon99's profile and I just had to repost it. Enjoy, be you Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or any other religion. <3

please read for a little heartwarm. )
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I've decided to finally purge every doujin and merchandise I don't love from the bottom of my heart in to the sales page in mid/late-April. That includes things that have yet to come to me and things I had been planning to sell earlier. I feel glad, because then I could finally take the load off my shoulders and say goodbye to the doujinshi community/my merch after so long. God, I hate it when I buy doujins then after half an hour later I shove them into the 'to sell' pile. So I've decided to not buy them again to avoid having to go through the burden of selling them, seriously this is getting old.

Adding a BUNCH more items for sale during late April! The final, massive purge to my collection will be then- some items for sale then will be CG doujins and official Knight English-translated anthologies, Hetalia doujins and books [this time there will be Chinese ones as well!], rubber straps [volume 1 of Hetalia- bought then don't want], etc. Maybe even a couple of Magi books if I don't want them. That will be my last sales update because I'm not planning to buy anything else after. Stay tuned!!!

So hopefully some that are looking to purchase things are looking at this page right now because I will be adding a LOT of items from Hetalia and Code Geass, and possibly Magi, but I'm not so sure about that. Stay tuned for my sales update (when it becomes noticeable again since I'm editing it right now and it doesn't look appealing, plus some items haven't arrived yet) and ads into other comms. :)
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I have a confession to make.

Well, to begin, has anyone ever felt terrible when they look at their merchandises and doujins and see stacks of them on the bookshelves/displays? I mean, I keep track of my order and precisely how much I spend, and, really, I've been spending A LOT over this 8 months since I was introduced to the selling/trading community on LJ. And by that, I mean $500+. I'm too scared to pinpoint exactly how much I've been spending.

I feel terrible. This, I believe, must stop soon and if I keep doing this I'll fall into huge debt/make my life miserable. And that's not very pretty. I've been emptying my savings and... that's not good. So yeah. I'm being too wasteful, in short, and I should've known better than to be sucked up into buying all these items, only to sell them out at a much lower price and don't care later.


after I receive a couple of more items I'm planning on reselling (bought a box of straps I no longer want) , I will no longer be purchasing doujins at all and will quit being a [ profile] hetalia_sell member and any other selling communities, and will turn my attention to scanlations ONLY. I will also no longer be so active on LJ, Hetalia, and any other fandoms.

Oh, how I lose my mind in the things I love... it's scary and intimidating, now that I look back and see the destruction I caused over my desire. 

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