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Bought 10+ doujins and thinking of weeding out some doujins from my shelf, all coming soon... be prepared for a massive update to my sales post. ;u; 
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I've decided to finally purge every doujin and merchandise I don't love from the bottom of my heart in to the sales page in mid/late-April. That includes things that have yet to come to me and things I had been planning to sell earlier. I feel glad, because then I could finally take the load off my shoulders and say goodbye to the doujinshi community/my merch after so long. God, I hate it when I buy doujins then after half an hour later I shove them into the 'to sell' pile. So I've decided to not buy them again to avoid having to go through the burden of selling them, seriously this is getting old.

Adding a BUNCH more items for sale during late April! The final, massive purge to my collection will be then- some items for sale then will be CG doujins and official Knight English-translated anthologies, Hetalia doujins and books [this time there will be Chinese ones as well!], rubber straps [volume 1 of Hetalia- bought then don't want], etc. Maybe even a couple of Magi books if I don't want them. That will be my last sales update because I'm not planning to buy anything else after. Stay tuned!!!

So hopefully some that are looking to purchase things are looking at this page right now because I will be adding a LOT of items from Hetalia and Code Geass, and possibly Magi, but I'm not so sure about that. Stay tuned for my sales update (when it becomes noticeable again since I'm editing it right now and it doesn't look appealing, plus some items haven't arrived yet) and ads into other comms. :)

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