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//fangirl squealing right now, please ignore~
edit: DAMMIT THEY'VE ONLY GOT TO EP. 12 DAMMITTTTT- don't want to read the manga for this one lol so I guess I'll just keep waiting... next one comes on on 6/30 I think. and btw I keep seeing this pairing- Rivaille/Eren all over tora and I'm just like WTF he hasn't even appeared over 2 mins in the anime and not even interacted with Eren yet... I guess in the manga they do? wtf lol seriously~ I think my main pair is going to be Eren/Mikasa, Mikasa to me inside is just a little tsundere :3
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I've always been interested in interesting China pairs... but only then did I go search on Tumblr and discovered the awesomeness of ROME/CHINA.

Heard that? Rome/China. Probably my favorite obsession since the discovery of USUK and TurGre. I mean, I like RoChu as well, it is a great pair given their history and... interesting times, but Rome/China is like an exotic fruit I have yet to taste, haha. I mean, although they never did directly meet with each other, they were like the East and West of the world- I can just imagine Rome being the Sun and China being the moon. Ahahaha.

They can have an urequited love for each other! Maybe even be China's first true love and Rome's true love out... of his many... loves. But, of course, all this was ruined when SPQR collapsed, leaving only the two Italies. Maybe, maybe China closed off his heart after that and watched the Italies from far away and gave them his goods (silk, spices, etc) when they wanted it.

Oh, God. You see this picture?

Maybe Rome was a child then when he first met China and then years later he met China again as a young man (a crush from his adolescent turned into full-out love for her him)


don't get me wrong i think china still loves russia but rome was his first love and he never truly got over it. if rome came back china's heart would probably be torn in half. because rome never finished the love affair with china- he simply just... disappeared.
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I have so many books to read! I finished Gone with the Wind sometime ago (what a great book!) and am jumping into Les Miserables. I've always wanted to read the book, but the 1500+ pages scared me for a while, making me think I have no time for it. :p But now, since the movie's almost being released, I thought- what a good time to dive in! So I went to the local library and checked out a copy of it. It was the Norman Denny Penguin classics one. The Signet one wqas pretty much unreadable for me, and the Modern Library by Julie Rose was too modern- heard she tried making it more appealing to modern time people by cutting out entire passages of Les Miserables and replaced it with what she thought was more readable. 

So yeah. Denny's edition sounded pretty good to me. And so I opened the book, taking note of the crinkled cover and taped binding. I took a deep breath and flipped the pages, reading the introduction and then going on to the first page of the book. \

I'm around 200+ pages in right now, and it's looking pretty good- drama's going to come, and hit me like a train. I especially love the way Valjean is contemplating on his morals right now, between staying as Madeleine or going in to take the place of Champathieu. Such an interesting character he is! 

Either way, after this story, I'm going to finish the long-on-gold book of The Storm of Swords- haven't been reading it since September when I borrowed it from the library and lost it, needing to pay $27 in fines, since there's a $10 "processing fee". I'm seriously thinking it was just to warn me of the consequences. xD 

So yup- listening to Les Mis' music (I Dreamed a Dream or Do You Hear the People Sing) and Game of Thrones' theme song is awesome. Especially in this cold weather, curled up, covered in blankets, drinking hot cocca, with rain, and with the book in my hand. :D 

I had to purchase the Storm of Swords + A Feast for Crows since I'm afraid of losing the book again. xD But I got them both used in acceptable condition for $7.5 shipped! And I love used books. :3 It is all good- those two books are going to keep me busy for a while. xD

Can't wait to see the movie! Going on premiere day, which is on Christmas, awesome, great day to appreciate life! You going? :D
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So... has anyone heard of the music genre darkwave neoclassic?

I'm guessing no. It's a very small genre, sort of combining folk, classic, and chamber orchestra all together. Idk, but it's something like that. Anyway, I love all of those genres I pointed out. Folk, classic, chamber orch, and darkwave neoclassical. :3 Especially Two Steps from Hell, Akiko Shikata (her voice is from heaven, I swear), and Globus. These three are my absolute favorite bands.

Globus is the band I listen to whenever it is raining outside. xD Not just for rains, but for other stuff too, like the soldier/dark side of Hetalia. Their Crusaders of the Light is heavenly. Gives me the chills whenever I listen to it. :3 Also when I feel remorse or moody I listen to them to fit my mood. :3 Playing Toontown also fits with this sometimes, especially when fighting the bosses. 

Two Steps from Hell (I only like their two albums- Invincible and Archangel; I swear, when I save up for them I'll buy Invincible.) is for getting up in the morning and doing work or rushing to get something done. They help me so much, and make my actions sound like I'm rescuing the world. :D The two I listen to the most from them is To Glory and Archangel. God, Akiko Shikata's Katayoku no Tori and Archangel fits together so much. :D I also listen to them whenever I'm playing Toontown. 

Akiko Shikata, my favorite singer... what can I say about you? Your voice is from heaven, and your music is unearthly. In a good way, of course. But anyway... I need to get your albums, but sadly, they're so rare that each of them is well above $30. ;u; Pantalea and Katayoku no Tori are my favorites from her. Those are the first two songs I've heard from her after someone on DeviantArt mentioned her in the comments. YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE. //not really, but still I listen to her the most whenever doing anything, and I can't find any new interesing songs. :3

So there it is- my three favorite singers/bands of all time. :D Sometimes I listen to a mainstream song obsessively (etc. Some Nights and We are Young by Fun, and they're actually liked by me too), but other than that, those three are my mains. :3

(:p had to stay home because of stomach flu... oh, I'm scared to see how much work is going to be for me when I return tomorrow ;u;)
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Holy! I received the Canon camera just today! And after I've posted about it yesterday! Talk about fast shipping. :3 Well, now in case I'm going to sell my stuff and I need to provide photos, that cam's going to come into handy. :3 That baby looks good, and the flash drive is no problem- just gotta pull it up beforehand taking pics. :D It's so awesome! The cam is for semiprofessionals, and since I'm in the yearbook club, it's great! :D God, I love it. :3 //squee
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Woot, purchased a used Canon Rebel EOS XTi SLR cam 10.1 MP w/18mm-55mm lens on eBay! It comes with case, USB cord, charger, battery, lens caps, manual, a 2GB memory card, and some other stuff. However, it's flash drive must be propped up manually or else it will come with an error message, and I must turn it off and on. Otherwise all is good- I can't wait to be receiving it! Talk about a good Christmas present! Such a bargain too! @237.50! :D //dances

Can't wait for it to come! //btw, he said he would ship it priority but there's no tracking... D: Oh well, it just needs to arrive within the time frame. :)

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