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Alright, finished the pic... and it looks horrible. ;u; Posting other pics of my art as well. xP
I'm sorry- it looks nothing like the beauty I had originally copied from. 'Cuz I can't draw guys and epic pictures and digital art to save my life.
pic-iesssss )
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So I watched Psycho Pass around a month ago and tbh I still have complicated emotions about it, much like Code Geass but without any notions of pairings or ships or anything romantic. Psycho Pass is, to me, simply an anime that Gen uses to broadcast his ideas and beliefs.

I can't recall much of what I watched now, but after reading this that pretty much summed up all of what I thought about it. Sibyl, the system in which governed Japan and took away free will with full consent from the people, and, essentially humanity in turn for protection and happiness and stability (Brave New World much?). However, I don't think humans can live under Sibyl because without the conventional chaos in society (which doesn't exist in the alternate future of Japan because everything is ensured and controlled by Sibyl, from where you're going to work and live and die and marry the moment you're born) humanity will stagnate and become stupid and dull and will no longer have the will to survive, which basically summed up my belief- the destruction of humanity.

By entrusting your life to others or the government because you cannot handle yourself is exactly what the PP-Japan is doing and doesn't that in essentially take away life's meaning? The moment you're born, your life has already been decided- then what's the meaning for me to live? If I cannot find my own way in life, what's the point? What's the whole point in following people's orders in turn for happiness that might not even actually be my own happiness but the State's happiness? And even if it is, is that real happiness? To live under someone else your whole entire life, being protected by a system of justice that controlls every aspect of life?

Essentially I don't think a society can exist in humanity in the first place because humanity cannot live without chaos- such a society will stagnate and regress because humanity needs progress in order to develop themselves further and without it we will not be humans anymore.


May. 5th, 2013 05:36 pm
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In the rare bouts of my seriousness I wonder why people are not seeing the truth in their actions and the inevitability of destruction of humanity and freedom in the path they're heading towards. The concept of freedom has been so twisted and delved in our society that it is probably never going to come back to its full glory. Us using technology, using it as a method and mean of pleasure and to immerse ourselves in it leads us to stupidity because we endorse ourselves in technology so much that we might be controlled by government. I'm probably not making any sense right now but I'm terrified that we are, in reality, being controlled and perhaps in a drug-induced state caused by so much pleasure that we do not even care about our personal freedom anymore- freedom has been traded in for happiness which will be, to humans, technology, progressment in a dangerous path, and drugs. (basing idea on Brave New World)
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This is sort of a rant on her. Just letting you know.

So you know about her, right? International country pop star? Well, if you don't, you'll know about her now.

First, I love her voice and music. Just not her revenge songs, Mean, Dear John, etc.

Many have known about her relationship problems after the infamous "Dear John" song she sang, which is about her ex, John Mayer. Now, it's a revenge song, really, about the way Mayer treated her. If she had only done this once, I'd have accepted it (reluctantly) and move on. Because mentioning your ex in a song TITLE is bordering ridiculous.

But she did this many times. She didn't specifically mention any of her ex's in most of her songs, but some were obvious as to who she was talking about.

And she blames the broken relationship usually on the guy that she broke up with. Hardly once did she blame it on herself, the only song I remember she did was "Back to December." And, well, a lot of her fans say whoever that was mentioned on in her songs deserved it, but honestly? Blaming others every single time when a relationship falls? You're kidding.

Why doesn't she ever consider the fact that maybe, instead of others being a problem, it was HER who was the problem from the start?

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So... uhm. I kinda have a weird doujinshi-shopping-spree again, only that this time it is Code Geass and, erm. The doujins I spotted are all anthologies and, even without shipping included, quite expensive. D: So in the end I kinda crossed out half of it, and left three on my list- two anthos w/266 pages (205 comic, 61 novel) and the other 114 pages (pure comic). The other is 24 pages, pure comic.  But still, they're freaking expensive- $86 without shipping included! God. X_X Also, I'm planning on using IPMO, but frankly I've never used it before, so I'm not sure how it works. But uh, heard that they can replace the money order and stuff, so I guess that's insurance? 

Oh, and the seller lives in Japan, and I've researched a bit and checked that Japan's IPMO receiving system is quite strict and requires certain stuff, like actually writing USD after the amount... or was it before? I don't know, but I've heard that the receiver cannot accept it if it's not correctly written. >.< I also don't know how long it takes for it to reach Japan, and whether they will allow me to send it by whichever method I prefer. o_o It's so complicated, and I'm not so trusting on IPMO, but god those doujinshis... DX ]

And the postage rate is increasing, as usual. And these are doujins, two moderately heavy anthologies. From Japan. 


(and, well, there's the option of me using PP once more, but hell that's going to complicate some things...)

edit: changed my list- now I cancelled one of the anthos, leaving only the less expensive one, the second doujinshi, and a new one I'm going to purchase via Paypal. Since I'm running low on money a bit I'm wondering if I should sell my ArteStella deck. That's going to rake up something, for sure, but I have no idea how to ship it. >.< I don't know where to buy the suitable box, God...
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I really don't want to collect anything at all afterall. :p Well, you know that feeling when you see something you think you want? After you get it, if it's not something useful, the feeling just kinda goes away... at least for me. I mean, I think I don't really care about these things anymore, like owning these items and stuff. Stuff that really does not mean anything to me but rather I wanted to get them because it pleased the conformist in me. But afterwards, the me that wants to be frugal and save money to donate to charity slaps me upside the head and tells me to not collect these items and just stick to buying doujins- at least you can read them over and over again.

So I'm thinking of selling my Hetalia items after the box of rubber straps arrive and along with other stuff. I just don't think owning these are worth it... I'm not really materialistic, and I tell myself not to be one, for the real thing that matters is not in what you own, but rather your heart. So I think I'll just stick to watching anime and occasionally buying doujinshi to read. Buying merchandises after all is not so much a pleasing thing anymore. :p I think I outgrew my obsession to buy... I guess, in other words, worthless things. But I think I'll keep the ArteStella deck... xD

But I've had a bad experience with the PO (losing the first package I send, WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION >:(), so I'm a little hesitant on selling.
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2013, eh... welp, I'm not ready for 2013, but... CHARGE. 
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It's almost New Years, guys! One more day (excluding today) until 1/1/2013!! Are you guys excited? :3 I know I a for the new Hetalia season!

Btw, I think I'm pretty much giving up on my fic... I mean, while the plot seems good, my foundation for the plot is not so good. I'll probably be either typing on (but I've pretty much lost all my inspiration for that fic :p- I need to hurry to the main plot if I want my inspiration to be back), or going to my other fic idea (A Tale of One Thousand Years and a Night- I know, how original ;p) , which is about events in history reenacted by Hetalia characters, from the rise of the Qin dynasty to the American revolution. However, I'd have to do major researches on those battlefields or just make the scenes not to graphic and stuff. But either way, research is still mandatory for such a ficlet. :p 

Some News~

Dec. 29th, 2012 09:01 pm
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Holy cows, I just sent my payment for the Prussia + England straps along with a France Flag Pillow. :3 All for $27 shipped! Wow, I'm surprised no one lay claims to it until days after the seller posted the sale. :O However, I've noticed that the seller is a bit... unresponsive to her sales post. I'm not too worried, but I hope she can reply fast to the cash I've sent once she gets her hands on it. 

Also, sent out my payment for the group order payment for this baby ($52, and that's the total ;w;)... I definitely won't be buying any doujinshis/anthos for a while... only buying if I see something ultra-catchy. Ugh, and I've just noticed that k-books is selling it for around $5 cheaper... but the group-order host will not allow k-books order to be anything under 10,000 yen, so... I guess I can take that extra $5. :P

Another thing- I canceled my Paypal- (legasp) not that I have been using it much anyway. :p So for that box of rubber straps, I'll be using credit-card through Paypal, so it seems... :p Also, if I do get that England strap, I'll be selling my England strap then. xD (o_o I guess I'll create a blank PP account for receiving the money then... then transfer it. xD)
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Just pretty much finished Code Geass... didn't want to continue watching to R2, so I read the summary and am planning to get a couple manga for them probably not, but anyway xD ut either way, I've watched all of the R2 until episode 20. I know what'll happen afterwards, and I don't really like those five eps, so... even though I watched the scene in which Lelouch dies. :p Eh, I have mixed feelings about the death, it didn't really make sense to me on its concept of how the cause of his death will calm everyone else- well, theoretically speaking, that has some sense, but couldn't he have just atoned his sins by doing good? I mean, he had the power of an emperor- as long as he's not corrupted by it... he can do greater justice to this world. But then again, idk, didn't watch the last five episodes, so... but either way, I'm, in a sense, a witness- if that's his final choice, what can I do? :p


 The thing I love about them is the fact that none of the characters are seemingly all good or all evil. It's not a classical evil/good fight, but rather, humans that are more than down-to-earth and fall easily to greed or power, even Lelouch, who is actually a bit ruthless and heartless... But I guess his loyalty and love to his family kind of makes up for that flaw. However, that's what makes the characters so much the more memorable- because we are thinking, along with them, their actions and their future. :)

Either way, it's hard to judge them because they're on the battlefield, and all of their beliefs, while selfish, is for their personal happiness/their family's happiness. Not even can you judge Charles + Marianne, since yes, even though they have abandoned their children, they dreamt of a world in which there would be eternal peace. They also loved themselves more, but... if you compare them seriously to any other cast of Code Geass, are they really any worse or evil than others? If, let's say, Lelouch, was in Charles' position, would he have done the same thing? I might never know, since Lelouch does not have a stable heart and he constantly changes his beliefs. But then again, that's human nature, isn't it? :)

... Another thing about the anime that I found quite ironic is that England was actually one of the first to come up with a parliamentary system in Europe/the world, even though it was quite limited in terms... That means England must have never been conquered by the Roman Empire or threw it out since the Roman Empire had significant influence on individualism and republicanism in England. o_o And that would also mean that either the American Revolution failed or never occurred in the first place, since the Holy Britannian Empire is located in the Americas... that means there is a possibility in no Alfred. T________T

So ya. History is wayyyy different in that timeline, and a little bit illogical, but either way the anime itself is very interesting. :3 I can't bear to watch the rest, but I love the idea and the characters in geneal. (especially Luluko + Luluko/Suzaku. //shot) 

Favorite pairings- Lelouch/Suzaku, Lelouch/Schneizel, Luluko/Suzaku, Luluko/Schneizel. I am pretty much willing to pair Luluko(Leloucia) with anyone. xD Except the girls. I don't really like yuri much, but I sometimes make exceptions... :p 


Dec. 21st, 2012 10:31 pm
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Oh yeah, it's 12/21/12. And I'm still typing away at my computer. So... 
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Hmm... after I viewed someone's journal about going to a con, I'm wondering if I should go to Anime Expo. I mean, first of all, I'm at great advantages since I live really close to LA.

But stilllll. I'd need to produce huge bucks of money in hand to buy stuff over there (heard that they sell pretty much anything- from Vocaloid figmas to boxes of Hetalia straps. :3 Also, it's huge, so I'm afraid I'll get lost. Plus, I need a cosplay. I have a Belarus one, but I'm Asian, so it's not, I guess, very apt for me, so I'm thinking of buying a Taiwan one, but cosplays suck up your money. T____T

And I want to buy an artbook Toccata; the Art of Shilin Huan but I just preordered the straps (but I still don't know if I should truly buy it) and pretty much bought the England + Prussia straps too. Yes, I know England's in there, but like I said, idk if I'm really buying the box of straps so just in case. xD Either way, I'll be selling the straps, so no problem!

So yup, the artbook will have to wait a while, since I need more money. //sobs in corner
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I need to stop posting... but I just preordered the Hetalia rubberstraps collection Box 1 from AmiAmi. :p I have the payment ready, but it's not due until March 2013, so... Yup, I'm definitely going to sell my Russia and France straps once it gets on my hand since I ordered two of those, so yeah... probably going to sell the other straps except America + England once it gets on my hand. Idk. Maybe I'm starting a collection of rubber straps, but that's highly unlikely. Like, 99.99% unlikely. xD 

Either way, selling some straps once they get on my hands. :D 

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