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Usually I do not bring my thoughts about politics/laws to LJ, but... I just had to for once. Since this is such a historic ruling. Please bear with me. This is a great news to me, because I, as a liberal for now, has always advocated for marriages regardless of whatever sex is together ever since I was a teen. And especially since I'm in California, this makes the ruling much more meaningful to me. I feel... amazed, and proud and happy that they would finally approve what should have been obvious- I understand that the Bible has not consented to this and many Americans are Christians, and that people like sticking with old traditions and seeing something this new is unacceptable to them. Gay marriages and LGBT marriages were UNHEARD OF just 30 years ago- but, I want to say, what gives people the right to stop other people from loving? Why should people be concerned that other people are not following their idea of living? Should love be just between man and woman? Since when was love supposed to be judged from bodies? Shouldn't love be judged from the soul, and since soul (to me) has no gender, shouldn't love be genderless?

One of my close relatives gave me this reason- humanity would not be able to carry on (ie. have children) if the government allow gays and lesbians to marry. And, to me, that reason smelled like bullshit- in Ancient Greece, if I could recall, in Athens or Sparta maybe? people were allowed to be gay, and did their society collapse? No, I think it thrived. There would ALWAYS be, to me, an equal amount of gays, lesbians, and heterosexuals. People won't and don't randomly flock to the gay/lesbian side after LGBT civil unions are allowed.

My point/rant is clear. 
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Alright, finished the pic... and it looks horrible. ;u; Posting other pics of my art as well. xP
I'm sorry- it looks nothing like the beauty I had originally copied from. 'Cuz I can't draw guys and epic pictures and digital art to save my life.
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