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It's almost New Years, guys! One more day (excluding today) until 1/1/2013!! Are you guys excited? :3 I know I a for the new Hetalia season!

Btw, I think I'm pretty much giving up on my fic... I mean, while the plot seems good, my foundation for the plot is not so good. I'll probably be either typing on (but I've pretty much lost all my inspiration for that fic :p- I need to hurry to the main plot if I want my inspiration to be back), or going to my other fic idea (A Tale of One Thousand Years and a Night- I know, how original ;p) , which is about events in history reenacted by Hetalia characters, from the rise of the Qin dynasty to the American revolution. However, I'd have to do major researches on those battlefields or just make the scenes not to graphic and stuff. But either way, research is still mandatory for such a ficlet. :p 
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Hello! I've decided on doing a Hetalia cardverse fanfic that requires a reliable, stable beta- it's a multichap fic and is currently undergoing on (note: this is not published yet- I am on chapter 6/7 as of now, rough draft only and will start publishing when I get to 15/20.) The cast is the same, and this is a USUK fic.

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Title: Three Silent Musings of the Past
Author/Artist: Pennilee [on FF]
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, mentions of WWI participants, USUK (light)
Rating: G
There have been three times in which Alfred F. Jones cried. drabble.

01. revolution.

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