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So I watched Psycho Pass around a month ago and tbh I still have complicated emotions about it, much like Code Geass but without any notions of pairings or ships or anything romantic. Psycho Pass is, to me, simply an anime that Gen uses to broadcast his ideas and beliefs.

I can't recall much of what I watched now, but after reading this that pretty much summed up all of what I thought about it. Sibyl, the system in which governed Japan and took away free will with full consent from the people, and, essentially humanity in turn for protection and happiness and stability (Brave New World much?). However, I don't think humans can live under Sibyl because without the conventional chaos in society (which doesn't exist in the alternate future of Japan because everything is ensured and controlled by Sibyl, from where you're going to work and live and die and marry the moment you're born) humanity will stagnate and become stupid and dull and will no longer have the will to survive, which basically summed up my belief- the destruction of humanity.

By entrusting your life to others or the government because you cannot handle yourself is exactly what the PP-Japan is doing and doesn't that in essentially take away life's meaning? The moment you're born, your life has already been decided- then what's the meaning for me to live? If I cannot find my own way in life, what's the point? What's the whole point in following people's orders in turn for happiness that might not even actually be my own happiness but the State's happiness? And even if it is, is that real happiness? To live under someone else your whole entire life, being protected by a system of justice that controlls every aspect of life?

Essentially I don't think a society can exist in humanity in the first place because humanity cannot live without chaos- such a society will stagnate and regress because humanity needs progress in order to develop themselves further and without it we will not be humans anymore.

Repost ;u;

Apr. 5th, 2013 06:52 pm
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Saw this on [ profile] kanon99's profile and I just had to repost it. Enjoy, be you Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or any other religion. <3

please read for a little heartwarm. )
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I have a confession to make.

Well, to begin, has anyone ever felt terrible when they look at their merchandises and doujins and see stacks of them on the bookshelves/displays? I mean, I keep track of my order and precisely how much I spend, and, really, I've been spending A LOT over this 8 months since I was introduced to the selling/trading community on LJ. And by that, I mean $500+. I'm too scared to pinpoint exactly how much I've been spending.

I feel terrible. This, I believe, must stop soon and if I keep doing this I'll fall into huge debt/make my life miserable. And that's not very pretty. I've been emptying my savings and... that's not good. So yeah. I'm being too wasteful, in short, and I should've known better than to be sucked up into buying all these items, only to sell them out at a much lower price and don't care later.


after I receive a couple of more items I'm planning on reselling (bought a box of straps I no longer want) , I will no longer be purchasing doujins at all and will quit being a [ profile] hetalia_sell member and any other selling communities, and will turn my attention to scanlations ONLY. I will also no longer be so active on LJ, Hetalia, and any other fandoms.

Oh, how I lose my mind in the things I love... it's scary and intimidating, now that I look back and see the destruction I caused over my desire. 
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Okay, so on Zerochan I found a really beautiful artwork that's actually a fanart of Cantarella. It's so beautiful, it's even made into one of the front page of Zerochan. And someone down there mentioned that it kind of looks like CC and Lelouch. But I don't like that pairing much, so I skimmed around and found that someone had photoshopped it to make it look black and white and now Miku/CC looks like Luluko/Leloucia now. O_O I'm thinking of drawing it. :D But I already have one project I'm thinking of starting on, so...

Aside from that, the Code Geass: Knight mangas I ordered came today, in English! I have currently 1, 2, 3 out of 1, 2, 3, 5. I'm planning on getting Volume 4, but that needs to be done next week. xD The doujins I ordered also came. xD I'm happy- now all I want is a trench coat that looks beautiful. ;u; But it kinda cost money. Like, $35+shipping.

But. Life shouldn't be about wants, eh?

PS the GA I attended also notified me that the package arrived. Hopefully she'll ship out the book soon. :3

PSS Also read that Alaska is losing it's snow, so much that the Iditarod must be postponed. O_O God, global warming... please, please, don't let us humans ruin this earth. Send someone worthy! D:
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I really don't want to collect anything at all afterall. :p Well, you know that feeling when you see something you think you want? After you get it, if it's not something useful, the feeling just kinda goes away... at least for me. I mean, I think I don't really care about these things anymore, like owning these items and stuff. Stuff that really does not mean anything to me but rather I wanted to get them because it pleased the conformist in me. But afterwards, the me that wants to be frugal and save money to donate to charity slaps me upside the head and tells me to not collect these items and just stick to buying doujins- at least you can read them over and over again.

So I'm thinking of selling my Hetalia items after the box of rubber straps arrive and along with other stuff. I just don't think owning these are worth it... I'm not really materialistic, and I tell myself not to be one, for the real thing that matters is not in what you own, but rather your heart. So I think I'll just stick to watching anime and occasionally buying doujinshi to read. Buying merchandises after all is not so much a pleasing thing anymore. :p I think I outgrew my obsession to buy... I guess, in other words, worthless things. But I think I'll keep the ArteStella deck... xD

But I've had a bad experience with the PO (losing the first package I send, WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION >:(), so I'm a little hesitant on selling.
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2013, eh... welp, I'm not ready for 2013, but... CHARGE. 
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It's almost New Years, guys! One more day (excluding today) until 1/1/2013!! Are you guys excited? :3 I know I a for the new Hetalia season!

Btw, I think I'm pretty much giving up on my fic... I mean, while the plot seems good, my foundation for the plot is not so good. I'll probably be either typing on (but I've pretty much lost all my inspiration for that fic :p- I need to hurry to the main plot if I want my inspiration to be back), or going to my other fic idea (A Tale of One Thousand Years and a Night- I know, how original ;p) , which is about events in history reenacted by Hetalia characters, from the rise of the Qin dynasty to the American revolution. However, I'd have to do major researches on those battlefields or just make the scenes not to graphic and stuff. But either way, research is still mandatory for such a ficlet. :p 

Some News~

Dec. 29th, 2012 09:01 pm
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Holy cows, I just sent my payment for the Prussia + England straps along with a France Flag Pillow. :3 All for $27 shipped! Wow, I'm surprised no one lay claims to it until days after the seller posted the sale. :O However, I've noticed that the seller is a bit... unresponsive to her sales post. I'm not too worried, but I hope she can reply fast to the cash I've sent once she gets her hands on it. 

Also, sent out my payment for the group order payment for this baby ($52, and that's the total ;w;)... I definitely won't be buying any doujinshis/anthos for a while... only buying if I see something ultra-catchy. Ugh, and I've just noticed that k-books is selling it for around $5 cheaper... but the group-order host will not allow k-books order to be anything under 10,000 yen, so... I guess I can take that extra $5. :P

Another thing- I canceled my Paypal- (legasp) not that I have been using it much anyway. :p So for that box of rubber straps, I'll be using credit-card through Paypal, so it seems... :p Also, if I do get that England strap, I'll be selling my England strap then. xD (o_o I guess I'll create a blank PP account for receiving the money then... then transfer it. xD)

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