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Okay, so on Zerochan I found a really beautiful artwork that's actually a fanart of Cantarella. It's so beautiful, it's even made into one of the front page of Zerochan. And someone down there mentioned that it kind of looks like CC and Lelouch. But I don't like that pairing much, so I skimmed around and found that someone had photoshopped it to make it look black and white and now Miku/CC looks like Luluko/Leloucia now. O_O I'm thinking of drawing it. :D But I already have one project I'm thinking of starting on, so...

Aside from that, the Code Geass: Knight mangas I ordered came today, in English! I have currently 1, 2, 3 out of 1, 2, 3, 5. I'm planning on getting Volume 4, but that needs to be done next week. xD The doujins I ordered also came. xD I'm happy- now all I want is a trench coat that looks beautiful. ;u; But it kinda cost money. Like, $35+shipping.

But. Life shouldn't be about wants, eh?

PS the GA I attended also notified me that the package arrived. Hopefully she'll ship out the book soon. :3

PSS Also read that Alaska is losing it's snow, so much that the Iditarod must be postponed. O_O God, global warming... please, please, don't let us humans ruin this earth. Send someone worthy! D:
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So... uhm. I kinda have a weird doujinshi-shopping-spree again, only that this time it is Code Geass and, erm. The doujins I spotted are all anthologies and, even without shipping included, quite expensive. D: So in the end I kinda crossed out half of it, and left three on my list- two anthos w/266 pages (205 comic, 61 novel) and the other 114 pages (pure comic). The other is 24 pages, pure comic.  But still, they're freaking expensive- $86 without shipping included! God. X_X Also, I'm planning on using IPMO, but frankly I've never used it before, so I'm not sure how it works. But uh, heard that they can replace the money order and stuff, so I guess that's insurance? 

Oh, and the seller lives in Japan, and I've researched a bit and checked that Japan's IPMO receiving system is quite strict and requires certain stuff, like actually writing USD after the amount... or was it before? I don't know, but I've heard that the receiver cannot accept it if it's not correctly written. >.< I also don't know how long it takes for it to reach Japan, and whether they will allow me to send it by whichever method I prefer. o_o It's so complicated, and I'm not so trusting on IPMO, but god those doujinshis... DX ]

And the postage rate is increasing, as usual. And these are doujins, two moderately heavy anthologies. From Japan. 


(and, well, there's the option of me using PP once more, but hell that's going to complicate some things...)

edit: changed my list- now I cancelled one of the anthos, leaving only the less expensive one, the second doujinshi, and a new one I'm going to purchase via Paypal. Since I'm running low on money a bit I'm wondering if I should sell my ArteStella deck. That's going to rake up something, for sure, but I have no idea how to ship it. >.< I don't know where to buy the suitable box, God...
Gack, posting at 11:30 at night, but whatever. :3 Gosh, still can't believe I'm getting a 230 page CG anthology and the England + Prussia strap, along with a France pillow all under 80 bucks! Especially since that Circle is actually quite popular in that fandom... it's already selling fast after its Comiket release on 12/29. o_o It's like on par with Hakoniwa from Hetalia. The artwork is so beautifullll, like Hakoniwa's too. :3

Prussia + England straps... holy cows I don't even want to know how rare those two are. >.<

Also got the custom head for free. :D Until 2014!!!
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Ugh; I want to get a CG doujinshi that was just released today (soprettysquee), and I'm planning to get it through a group order... but now that I've canceled my Paypal, I can no longer use that option anymore... so I went by CC (concealed cash), but the group order ends on the 5th of January! And the host wrote that she wants it coming several days before the deadline, so... ;u; But we live relatively close together (same state) so hopefully that can save me a day or two if she responds immediately. ;u; PLEASE. GAH. I WANT TO SEND IT OUT TOMORROW... BUT I NEED YOU TO REPLY FIRST. //claws hair out

Okie done with this little rant. I'll update this tomorrow to see if she can reply. Since it's Christmas and all, you know... people get kind of crazy during this time. :3 

I'm just livejournaling like crazy these days. xD 
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Just pretty much finished Code Geass... didn't want to continue watching to R2, so I read the summary and am planning to get a couple manga for them probably not, but anyway xD ut either way, I've watched all of the R2 until episode 20. I know what'll happen afterwards, and I don't really like those five eps, so... even though I watched the scene in which Lelouch dies. :p Eh, I have mixed feelings about the death, it didn't really make sense to me on its concept of how the cause of his death will calm everyone else- well, theoretically speaking, that has some sense, but couldn't he have just atoned his sins by doing good? I mean, he had the power of an emperor- as long as he's not corrupted by it... he can do greater justice to this world. But then again, idk, didn't watch the last five episodes, so... but either way, I'm, in a sense, a witness- if that's his final choice, what can I do? :p


 The thing I love about them is the fact that none of the characters are seemingly all good or all evil. It's not a classical evil/good fight, but rather, humans that are more than down-to-earth and fall easily to greed or power, even Lelouch, who is actually a bit ruthless and heartless... But I guess his loyalty and love to his family kind of makes up for that flaw. However, that's what makes the characters so much the more memorable- because we are thinking, along with them, their actions and their future. :)

Either way, it's hard to judge them because they're on the battlefield, and all of their beliefs, while selfish, is for their personal happiness/their family's happiness. Not even can you judge Charles + Marianne, since yes, even though they have abandoned their children, they dreamt of a world in which there would be eternal peace. They also loved themselves more, but... if you compare them seriously to any other cast of Code Geass, are they really any worse or evil than others? If, let's say, Lelouch, was in Charles' position, would he have done the same thing? I might never know, since Lelouch does not have a stable heart and he constantly changes his beliefs. But then again, that's human nature, isn't it? :)

... Another thing about the anime that I found quite ironic is that England was actually one of the first to come up with a parliamentary system in Europe/the world, even though it was quite limited in terms... That means England must have never been conquered by the Roman Empire or threw it out since the Roman Empire had significant influence on individualism and republicanism in England. o_o And that would also mean that either the American Revolution failed or never occurred in the first place, since the Holy Britannian Empire is located in the Americas... that means there is a possibility in no Alfred. T________T

So ya. History is wayyyy different in that timeline, and a little bit illogical, but either way the anime itself is very interesting. :3 I can't bear to watch the rest, but I love the idea and the characters in geneal. (especially Luluko + Luluko/Suzaku. //shot) 

Favorite pairings- Lelouch/Suzaku, Lelouch/Schneizel, Luluko/Suzaku, Luluko/Schneizel. I am pretty much willing to pair Luluko(Leloucia) with anyone. xD Except the girls. I don't really like yuri much, but I sometimes make exceptions... :p 

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