Jun. 18th, 2013 05:27 pm
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I sold a bunch of super old anime magazines I found in my closet... to an international buyer on EBAY. (dear God) I didn't even realize that I had the intl option on- turns out the priority medium box is FREAKING $60 WTF and I only charged her $20 for shipping. I'm used to giving discounts to my buyers because money has never really been a biiig issue of mine and I can afford to lose a dollar or two here or there, but... $40. DAMN USPS FOR THEIR BIG PRICE BOOST. If it was $40 or maybe even 50 for the shipping I could've managed it, but...

I contacted her about the problem but I think I'm going to have to ship it to her anyway. Welp, there's a $40 I could've used on somewhere else.

i may write more if this is resolved.
edit- opened ebay seller case- wondering what would happen if she declines?
edit- she declined. i asked a family member and she agreed to pay $30- ehhhh, learned my lesson the hard way- never ship things overseas on ebay ever again unless they're light, less-than-100-pages doujins.

she ignored all of my messages for the extra-money requests (i know, my mistake for typing in the wrong shipping cost... but still, i couldn't i mean it WAS FUCKING 40 DOLLARS FUCK DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THAT IS THAT COULD HAVE PAID FOR AN ENTIRE ORDER FROM JAPAN) but when i finally said to ship it out on sat without any complaints she replied saying, thanks for understanding, still looking forward to item, cheers! Bet she's giving me a negative feedback for me "harassing" her for more money, when in fact I just made a sincere plea for her to forgive a seller's accidental mistakes (and give me some money for HER package so I won't have to wallow in more lack of funds for the next couple weeks. Hell, shipping a 6+ pound package to Australia? Not me original plan)

and, worse, she cheered in front of the seller who lost $40.

i am sooo fucking not forgetting that. >:*

what turned out from emptying my closet came to an ultimate nightmare.

edit: sold my hetalia dvd to a personon ebay as well, just found out that there is a minor crack in the dvd case. Dammit, gotta tell her that too. Wish I sol it to an Ljer, they're much more kind and understanding.

And, oh well, I guess I'm getting some negative feedbacks... not that I go on ebay to buy/sell often, I can just create another account... I... think. If not, I'll just stop shopping on there altogether. I usually buy anime items o there anyway, so I suppose eBay doesn't really mean much to me than a second place for selling my anime items in case they don't sell for a long time here.
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After watching the FT movie...

I didn't feel any emotions. Could that be because I've watched too many heart-wretching FT episodes that have done better jobs than the movie? Maybe, but then how come I cried after rewatching the Edolas arc if I'm supposedly immune to FT dramas? Idk. But I hated the fact that Lucy was acting like nothing short of a selfish brat and useless person there.

I mean, there were many instances in which she could have pulled out her keys and protected Eclair from danger. But no, she just chose to ran and scream away. Hell, then, at the end, when Eclair had to go because of the Phoenix's death, she was so reluctant on letting go and not caring about the world or the Phoenix stone (she said so herself at the beginning! I don't care about the stones or that! I just want to protect Eclair!) ... which basically meant she didn't give a crap about the world and only did it and went on this mission for her.

Can you say SELFISH!? I mean, I know, Lucy has always been on the selfish side of humanity, but she just kept on screaming in the end when Eclair was about to die, and Eclair even wanted to die because she has lived too long! Besides, which does she want to keep? Her friends or the world?

I have a feeling that Fairy Tail would pick their friends instead of the 1 billion+ people in their world.

Right now, I fucking hate Lucy because

#1. she's fucking useless. All she does right now is collect keys and occasionally being a badass (loved it when she argued with Angel for Loke + the sheep...'s happiness and slammed Urano Meteoria on her) and being FUCKING USELESS.

#2. she's selfish. I mean, I /can/ tolerate her if she's useless but not selfish, but NO, she's selfish on TOP of being fucking useless. Seriously? she'll drop dead for her friends but won't for the world. And judging from her decisions, she'd probably drop dead for Eclair than saving the world, since Lucy kept on yelling "STOP!" when Makarov was signaling Erza to fire it AND thus, saving the entire world.

I understand her feelings a bit. But seriously. She needs someone to bitchslap her occasionally, and her friends are too nice to do that so I may jump into the anime one day and do that myself.

Rating the movie a 3/10.

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Oh well, there's always a next time. What happened has happened, time to look to the future.
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This is sort of a rant on her. Just letting you know.

So you know about her, right? International country pop star? Well, if you don't, you'll know about her now.

First, I love her voice and music. Just not her revenge songs, Mean, Dear John, etc.

Many have known about her relationship problems after the infamous "Dear John" song she sang, which is about her ex, John Mayer. Now, it's a revenge song, really, about the way Mayer treated her. If she had only done this once, I'd have accepted it (reluctantly) and move on. Because mentioning your ex in a song TITLE is bordering ridiculous.

But she did this many times. She didn't specifically mention any of her ex's in most of her songs, but some were obvious as to who she was talking about.

And she blames the broken relationship usually on the guy that she broke up with. Hardly once did she blame it on herself, the only song I remember she did was "Back to December." And, well, a lot of her fans say whoever that was mentioned on in her songs deserved it, but honestly? Blaming others every single time when a relationship falls? You're kidding.

Why doesn't she ever consider the fact that maybe, instead of others being a problem, it was HER who was the problem from the start?

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So I saw Secondo Dolce by はこにわ  in a sales post today. I immediately reached for it but found that someone else already asked for it and then paid for it. AND IT WAS AT SUCH A GOOD PRICE AND GOD IT LOOKED BEAUTIFUL IN THE SALES POST BVNFDKSBVOJHDFKSLHCJXCS

//and dies
//over and over again


why. why. it's going to be a billion years before I can find another person selling that masterpeice again.

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Don't you absolutely hate it when someone says you haven't done your best and scorns your work when you have, in fact, done your best and knows that they have not an ounce of an idea of what they're actually talking about?

Yeah. That's how I feel right now. So I drew a picture that's on deviantart (here) and, as you might've noticed, it's using digital art and has color added on. Well, I'm purely traditional right now and, really, don't use any colors and only shade my pictures. So, of course, the result is obviously going to be different and not as good as the original. (erasing, smudging, etc, plus colors sometimes expresses things and I simply can't put that into my picture)

So it came out like this and this- not as good and less detailed, since I can't spend too much time and details in the background. But. I think it still looks pretty good.

Not so much with my dad. He thinks I didn't put effort and keeps asking me where does the light come from and shook his head and frowned and said no and I was like   oh hell no you didn't you have no idea what you're talking about acting as if you know everything I did and spent into my baby and just rejecting it as if YOU'RE an experienced art teacher He even told me he failed art class in high school. And he DARES to say it's not good, and, ON TOP OF THAT, I didn't put any effort into it.

I understand and accept the criticism part. Yes, it's perfectly acceptable that he doesn't think it's top-notch- I do too. But he considers it lacking effort. THAT'S BECAUSE I AM DRAWING SOMETHING THAT REQUIRES A WACOM TABLET AND A GOOD AMOUNT OF SKILL OF DIGITAL COLORING TO EVEN MATCH THE ORIGINAL. UHM. I'M DRAWING TRADITIONALLY TOO, IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, AND I'M SKETCHING.


Some things you need to know about him- he's idealistic, expects too much and thinks things are easy and possible if you put your heart in it. Well, bro, art doesn't work that way. I wish someone can slap some sense into my father regarding art.

PS: about the GA I participated- the GA host sent out my book yesterday. :D I'm thinking about getting books from Mandarake next and already contacted a shopping service on it. :D And hopefully I can get the books I want from [ profile] akino_furusato next, but man her prices are not very cheap... and she's shipping from Japan so. xD It's also a pain to use Paypal in my condition right now, haha. //shot Dammit, I also want [ profile] dejikos Code Geass books too, especially the one by muzzle, but God shipping >.<

edit #2: And, of course, I already participated in another GA the host put up with so I'm ordering the Mandarake store and the GA at the same time- that I can handle, bu [ profile] akino_furusato's sales would have to wait. Don't even tell me about the other potential buy. xD


Jan. 16th, 2013 08:51 pm
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Augh, so busy with life and work lately. I barely have time to post to my journal nowadays. :p Welp, it's going to be a 3-day weekend, so I'm going to soak up some time and relax. :D
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I really don't want to collect anything at all afterall. :p Well, you know that feeling when you see something you think you want? After you get it, if it's not something useful, the feeling just kinda goes away... at least for me. I mean, I think I don't really care about these things anymore, like owning these items and stuff. Stuff that really does not mean anything to me but rather I wanted to get them because it pleased the conformist in me. But afterwards, the me that wants to be frugal and save money to donate to charity slaps me upside the head and tells me to not collect these items and just stick to buying doujins- at least you can read them over and over again.

So I'm thinking of selling my Hetalia items after the box of rubber straps arrive and along with other stuff. I just don't think owning these are worth it... I'm not really materialistic, and I tell myself not to be one, for the real thing that matters is not in what you own, but rather your heart. So I think I'll just stick to watching anime and occasionally buying doujinshi to read. Buying merchandises after all is not so much a pleasing thing anymore. :p I think I outgrew my obsession to buy... I guess, in other words, worthless things. But I think I'll keep the ArteStella deck... xD

But I've had a bad experience with the PO (losing the first package I send, WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION >:(), so I'm a little hesitant on selling.

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