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I tried to read Fairy Tail once more, but I couldn't. I realized that I'm tired of shouen mangas, like Naruto/One Piece/Fairy Tail, since they're so freaking idealistic. Natsu once said that he would never let anyone sacrifice Lucy's (his friend) future, even though they were in a grave and desperate situation where Rogue accused (incorrectly) of Lucy blocking a very important step in saving the world and wants to kill her. I... on one hand, Natsu trusts his friend very very very much, the other hand he is being very selfish for the world. He is unwilling to sacrifice his friend's future, but willing to kill off the world' future? And, of course, in the end, everything works out well.

I guess this is not the type of manga for me then, because I hate it when people are so selfish and well the author himself supports this type of view, portraying them in a just light, and I'm just ugh.

Maybe that's why I prefer Shingeki no Kyojin 1000x than FT? Well, those two animes conflict in terms of values in so many different ways lol but the thing is that Shingeki is realistic in terms of battling methods- you must sacrifice many people's lives for the sake of the future and humanity because that's real life, while FT is all about trying not to sacrifice anyone's future, but if that couldn't be done, oh, fuck that, just don't sacrifice my friends' lives alright?

:/ I once loved Fairy Tail to death and it was the only anime that made me cry more than five times, but as the anime/manga progressed on I stopped crying and losing my tears because they are, to me, turning more and more selfish and Mashima actually supports them.

Oh well.

but their soundtrak is damn good
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Usually I do not bring my thoughts about politics/laws to LJ, but... I just had to for once. Since this is such a historic ruling. Please bear with me. This is a great news to me, because I, as a liberal for now, has always advocated for marriages regardless of whatever sex is together ever since I was a teen. And especially since I'm in California, this makes the ruling much more meaningful to me. I feel... amazed, and proud and happy that they would finally approve what should have been obvious- I understand that the Bible has not consented to this and many Americans are Christians, and that people like sticking with old traditions and seeing something this new is unacceptable to them. Gay marriages and LGBT marriages were UNHEARD OF just 30 years ago- but, I want to say, what gives people the right to stop other people from loving? Why should people be concerned that other people are not following their idea of living? Should love be just between man and woman? Since when was love supposed to be judged from bodies? Shouldn't love be judged from the soul, and since soul (to me) has no gender, shouldn't love be genderless?

One of my close relatives gave me this reason- humanity would not be able to carry on (ie. have children) if the government allow gays and lesbians to marry. And, to me, that reason smelled like bullshit- in Ancient Greece, if I could recall, in Athens or Sparta maybe? people were allowed to be gay, and did their society collapse? No, I think it thrived. There would ALWAYS be, to me, an equal amount of gays, lesbians, and heterosexuals. People won't and don't randomly flock to the gay/lesbian side after LGBT civil unions are allowed.

My point/rant is clear. 
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//fangirl squealing right now, please ignore~
edit: DAMMIT THEY'VE ONLY GOT TO EP. 12 DAMMITTTTT- don't want to read the manga for this one lol so I guess I'll just keep waiting... next one comes on on 6/30 I think. and btw I keep seeing this pairing- Rivaille/Eren all over tora and I'm just like WTF he hasn't even appeared over 2 mins in the anime and not even interacted with Eren yet... I guess in the manga they do? wtf lol seriously~ I think my main pair is going to be Eren/Mikasa, Mikasa to me inside is just a little tsundere :3
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I feel so heavy... not the overweight kind of leavy, but more like the my-soul-is-heavy type. One of my dreams is to see the world- I want to see the North Pole, see global warming occuring there and large waterfalls coming out from the ice; I want to see the green rolling hills of New Zealand in all its glory; I want to see the streets of Mumbai, India, with people struggling for life and a better tomorrow; I want to see the Strait of Gibraltar, where two lands, two lovers, almost meet but can never touch; I want to see the people of London, England, bustle with everyday life and the Elizabeth Tower overlooking them all; I want to see the Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe, Africa, where all of nature's beauty is displayed; I want to see everything, and not with my body, but with my soul. I'd be amazing if I can fly one day, but the most I want is to be able to fly and see the world with my soul. But that requires meditiation, and if I meditate just for that I'd be in trouble.

I feel so heavy. 
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Alright, finished the pic... and it looks horrible. ;u; Posting other pics of my art as well. xP
I'm sorry- it looks nothing like the beauty I had originally copied from. 'Cuz I can't draw guys and epic pictures and digital art to save my life.
pic-iesssss )


Jun. 22nd, 2013 10:15 pm
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Reallyreallyreally want to draw this pic! I think I will post it in my journal when I'm done- maybe a WIP progress if it turns out successful lol~

Oh, woe to my story... haven't even got chapter 1 finished yet ;u; But then again, I always perfect one chapter before moving on...


Jun. 18th, 2013 05:27 pm
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I sold a bunch of super old anime magazines I found in my closet... to an international buyer on EBAY. (dear God) I didn't even realize that I had the intl option on- turns out the priority medium box is FREAKING $60 WTF and I only charged her $20 for shipping. I'm used to giving discounts to my buyers because money has never really been a biiig issue of mine and I can afford to lose a dollar or two here or there, but... $40. DAMN USPS FOR THEIR BIG PRICE BOOST. If it was $40 or maybe even 50 for the shipping I could've managed it, but...

I contacted her about the problem but I think I'm going to have to ship it to her anyway. Welp, there's a $40 I could've used on somewhere else.

i may write more if this is resolved.
edit- opened ebay seller case- wondering what would happen if she declines?
edit- she declined. i asked a family member and she agreed to pay $30- ehhhh, learned my lesson the hard way- never ship things overseas on ebay ever again unless they're light, less-than-100-pages doujins.

she ignored all of my messages for the extra-money requests (i know, my mistake for typing in the wrong shipping cost... but still, i couldn't i mean it WAS FUCKING 40 DOLLARS FUCK DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THAT IS THAT COULD HAVE PAID FOR AN ENTIRE ORDER FROM JAPAN) but when i finally said to ship it out on sat without any complaints she replied saying, thanks for understanding, still looking forward to item, cheers! Bet she's giving me a negative feedback for me "harassing" her for more money, when in fact I just made a sincere plea for her to forgive a seller's accidental mistakes (and give me some money for HER package so I won't have to wallow in more lack of funds for the next couple weeks. Hell, shipping a 6+ pound package to Australia? Not me original plan)

and, worse, she cheered in front of the seller who lost $40.

i am sooo fucking not forgetting that. >:*

what turned out from emptying my closet came to an ultimate nightmare.

edit: sold my hetalia dvd to a personon ebay as well, just found out that there is a minor crack in the dvd case. Dammit, gotta tell her that too. Wish I sol it to an Ljer, they're much more kind and understanding.

And, oh well, I guess I'm getting some negative feedbacks... not that I go on ebay to buy/sell often, I can just create another account... I... think. If not, I'll just stop shopping on there altogether. I usually buy anime items o there anyway, so I suppose eBay doesn't really mean much to me than a second place for selling my anime items in case they don't sell for a long time here.
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I've always been interested in interesting China pairs... but only then did I go search on Tumblr and discovered the awesomeness of ROME/CHINA.

Heard that? Rome/China. Probably my favorite obsession since the discovery of USUK and TurGre. I mean, I like RoChu as well, it is a great pair given their history and... interesting times, but Rome/China is like an exotic fruit I have yet to taste, haha. I mean, although they never did directly meet with each other, they were like the East and West of the world- I can just imagine Rome being the Sun and China being the moon. Ahahaha.

They can have an urequited love for each other! Maybe even be China's first true love and Rome's true love out... of his many... loves. But, of course, all this was ruined when SPQR collapsed, leaving only the two Italies. Maybe, maybe China closed off his heart after that and watched the Italies from far away and gave them his goods (silk, spices, etc) when they wanted it.

Oh, God. You see this picture?

Maybe Rome was a child then when he first met China and then years later he met China again as a young man (a crush from his adolescent turned into full-out love for her him)


don't get me wrong i think china still loves russia but rome was his first love and he never truly got over it. if rome came back china's heart would probably be torn in half. because rome never finished the love affair with china- he simply just... disappeared.
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Bought 10+ doujins and thinking of weeding out some doujins from my shelf, all coming soon... be prepared for a massive update to my sales post. ;u; 
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I feel so terrible- I want to write, but I've barely got the time- when I do I feel like going to sleep or riding my bike. My novel has only begun since I half-finished the planning/plot, so I've barely started. //sigh

Hopefully summer will sweep me over its soft, warm breeze, because my story relies heavily on the heavy summer heat. And to be able to write a story, you must experience what you write.(:
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Wahh, my novel process is going so slow. ;u; I've only just began chapter 1 and it's already at ~2000 words in length. This is going to be a thick novel and I have a long journey ahead of me. XP
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I'm writing a novel right now, haha- nothing fancy, I doubt it'll get published, but it is something I've been thinking about for a couple of months already. Should go around 20-30 chapters should I complete this project. <3 Hehe, this is my first time writing original fiction! :D ... that wasn't issued as a school project. Lol, maybe I can finish it by this year's Nanowrimo... AHAHAHAHA I don't think so. :p
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Oh well, there's always a next time. What happened has happened, time to look to the future.

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So I watched Psycho Pass around a month ago and tbh I still have complicated emotions about it, much like Code Geass but without any notions of pairings or ships or anything romantic. Psycho Pass is, to me, simply an anime that Gen uses to broadcast his ideas and beliefs.

I can't recall much of what I watched now, but after reading this that pretty much summed up all of what I thought about it. Sibyl, the system in which governed Japan and took away free will with full consent from the people, and, essentially humanity in turn for protection and happiness and stability (Brave New World much?). However, I don't think humans can live under Sibyl because without the conventional chaos in society (which doesn't exist in the alternate future of Japan because everything is ensured and controlled by Sibyl, from where you're going to work and live and die and marry the moment you're born) humanity will stagnate and become stupid and dull and will no longer have the will to survive, which basically summed up my belief- the destruction of humanity.

By entrusting your life to others or the government because you cannot handle yourself is exactly what the PP-Japan is doing and doesn't that in essentially take away life's meaning? The moment you're born, your life has already been decided- then what's the meaning for me to live? If I cannot find my own way in life, what's the point? What's the whole point in following people's orders in turn for happiness that might not even actually be my own happiness but the State's happiness? And even if it is, is that real happiness? To live under someone else your whole entire life, being protected by a system of justice that controlls every aspect of life?

Essentially I don't think a society can exist in humanity in the first place because humanity cannot live without chaos- such a society will stagnate and regress because humanity needs progress in order to develop themselves further and without it we will not be humans anymore.


May. 5th, 2013 05:36 pm
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In the rare bouts of my seriousness I wonder why people are not seeing the truth in their actions and the inevitability of destruction of humanity and freedom in the path they're heading towards. The concept of freedom has been so twisted and delved in our society that it is probably never going to come back to its full glory. Us using technology, using it as a method and mean of pleasure and to immerse ourselves in it leads us to stupidity because we endorse ourselves in technology so much that we might be controlled by government. I'm probably not making any sense right now but I'm terrified that we are, in reality, being controlled and perhaps in a drug-induced state caused by so much pleasure that we do not even care about our personal freedom anymore- freedom has been traded in for happiness which will be, to humans, technology, progressment in a dangerous path, and drugs. (basing idea on Brave New World)
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Making a list... idk why it's fun though. XDD Maybe so I won't forget?

USUK, Rome/China, Spamano, PruHun, RoChu, DenNor, TurGre,

Shingeki no Kyojin:
Eren/Mikasa, side: Rivaille/Eren, Reiner/Eren <3

Kuroko no Basuke:
AoKuro, KiseKuro, Kiseki --> Kuroko (guilty pleasure)

Code Geass:
Suzaku/Lelouch, Schneizel/Lelouch, Suzaku/fem!Lelouch, Schneizel/fem!Lelouch... I pretty much pair Lelouch with anyone except the girls :D

Judal/Aladdin, Sinbad/Alibaba

Detective Conan:
Shinichi/Ran (main OTP), Kaito/Shinichi (side OTP), Heiji/Shinichi,

... I will add more when I find more animes I find worth mentioning my OTPs. :)

Just got my Miku Meltdown Cosplay and except for the bows in the center (tape... don't know what to say) it looks GORGEOUS. I mean, it fits perfectly, and while it doesn't look as good as the taobao cosplays look, I got mine for $60 which included shipping- so hey I can't say much. :3


ps. the taiwan cosplay has been returned and hopefully they'll refund me the $60 they owe me. ^.^
pss. am sick. ;u; 

Repost ;u;

Apr. 5th, 2013 06:52 pm
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Saw this on [ profile] kanon99's profile and I just had to repost it. Enjoy, be you Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or any other religion. <3

please read for a little heartwarm. )
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This is sort of a rant on her. Just letting you know.

So you know about her, right? International country pop star? Well, if you don't, you'll know about her now.

First, I love her voice and music. Just not her revenge songs, Mean, Dear John, etc.

Many have known about her relationship problems after the infamous "Dear John" song she sang, which is about her ex, John Mayer. Now, it's a revenge song, really, about the way Mayer treated her. If she had only done this once, I'd have accepted it (reluctantly) and move on. Because mentioning your ex in a song TITLE is bordering ridiculous.

But she did this many times. She didn't specifically mention any of her ex's in most of her songs, but some were obvious as to who she was talking about.

And she blames the broken relationship usually on the guy that she broke up with. Hardly once did she blame it on herself, the only song I remember she did was "Back to December." And, well, a lot of her fans say whoever that was mentioned on in her songs deserved it, but honestly? Blaming others every single time when a relationship falls? You're kidding.

Why doesn't she ever consider the fact that maybe, instead of others being a problem, it was HER who was the problem from the start?


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