Apr. 4th, 2013

pennilee: (OHMYGODDDDDD)
This is sort of a rant on her. Just letting you know.

So you know about her, right? International country pop star? Well, if you don't, you'll know about her now.

First, I love her voice and music. Just not her revenge songs, Mean, Dear John, etc.

Many have known about her relationship problems after the infamous "Dear John" song she sang, which is about her ex, John Mayer. Now, it's a revenge song, really, about the way Mayer treated her. If she had only done this once, I'd have accepted it (reluctantly) and move on. Because mentioning your ex in a song TITLE is bordering ridiculous.

But she did this many times. She didn't specifically mention any of her ex's in most of her songs, but some were obvious as to who she was talking about.

And she blames the broken relationship usually on the guy that she broke up with. Hardly once did she blame it on herself, the only song I remember she did was "Back to December." And, well, a lot of her fans say whoever that was mentioned on in her songs deserved it, but honestly? Blaming others every single time when a relationship falls? You're kidding.

Why doesn't she ever consider the fact that maybe, instead of others being a problem, it was HER who was the problem from the start?


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