Mar. 17th, 2013

pennilee: (concerned)
I have a confession to make.

Well, to begin, has anyone ever felt terrible when they look at their merchandises and doujins and see stacks of them on the bookshelves/displays? I mean, I keep track of my order and precisely how much I spend, and, really, I've been spending A LOT over this 8 months since I was introduced to the selling/trading community on LJ. And by that, I mean $500+. I'm too scared to pinpoint exactly how much I've been spending.

I feel terrible. This, I believe, must stop soon and if I keep doing this I'll fall into huge debt/make my life miserable. And that's not very pretty. I've been emptying my savings and... that's not good. So yeah. I'm being too wasteful, in short, and I should've known better than to be sucked up into buying all these items, only to sell them out at a much lower price and don't care later.


after I receive a couple of more items I'm planning on reselling (bought a box of straps I no longer want) , I will no longer be purchasing doujins at all and will quit being a [ profile] hetalia_sell member and any other selling communities, and will turn my attention to scanlations ONLY. I will also no longer be so active on LJ, Hetalia, and any other fandoms.

Oh, how I lose my mind in the things I love... it's scary and intimidating, now that I look back and see the destruction I caused over my desire. 

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