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I feel so heavy... not the overweight kind of leavy, but more like the my-soul-is-heavy type. One of my dreams is to see the world- I want to see the North Pole, see global warming occuring there and large waterfalls coming out from the ice; I want to see the green rolling hills of New Zealand in all its glory; I want to see the streets of Mumbai, India, with people struggling for life and a better tomorrow; I want to see the Strait of Gibraltar, where two lands, two lovers, almost meet but can never touch; I want to see the people of London, England, bustle with everyday life and the Elizabeth Tower overlooking them all; I want to see the Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe, Africa, where all of nature's beauty is displayed; I want to see everything, and not with my body, but with my soul. I'd be amazing if I can fly one day, but the most I want is to be able to fly and see the world with my soul. But that requires meditiation, and if I meditate just for that I'd be in trouble.

I feel so heavy. 

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