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I sold a bunch of super old anime magazines I found in my closet... to an international buyer on EBAY. (dear God) I didn't even realize that I had the intl option on- turns out the priority medium box is FREAKING $60 WTF and I only charged her $20 for shipping. I'm used to giving discounts to my buyers because money has never really been a biiig issue of mine and I can afford to lose a dollar or two here or there, but... $40. DAMN USPS FOR THEIR BIG PRICE BOOST. If it was $40 or maybe even 50 for the shipping I could've managed it, but...

I contacted her about the problem but I think I'm going to have to ship it to her anyway. Welp, there's a $40 I could've used on somewhere else.

i may write more if this is resolved.
edit- opened ebay seller case- wondering what would happen if she declines?
edit- she declined. i asked a family member and she agreed to pay $30- ehhhh, learned my lesson the hard way- never ship things overseas on ebay ever again unless they're light, less-than-100-pages doujins.

she ignored all of my messages for the extra-money requests (i know, my mistake for typing in the wrong shipping cost... but still, i couldn't i mean it WAS FUCKING 40 DOLLARS FUCK DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THAT IS THAT COULD HAVE PAID FOR AN ENTIRE ORDER FROM JAPAN) but when i finally said to ship it out on sat without any complaints she replied saying, thanks for understanding, still looking forward to item, cheers! Bet she's giving me a negative feedback for me "harassing" her for more money, when in fact I just made a sincere plea for her to forgive a seller's accidental mistakes (and give me some money for HER package so I won't have to wallow in more lack of funds for the next couple weeks. Hell, shipping a 6+ pound package to Australia? Not me original plan)

and, worse, she cheered in front of the seller who lost $40.

i am sooo fucking not forgetting that. >:*

what turned out from emptying my closet came to an ultimate nightmare.

edit: sold my hetalia dvd to a personon ebay as well, just found out that there is a minor crack in the dvd case. Dammit, gotta tell her that too. Wish I sol it to an Ljer, they're much more kind and understanding.

And, oh well, I guess I'm getting some negative feedbacks... not that I go on ebay to buy/sell often, I can just create another account... I... think. If not, I'll just stop shopping on there altogether. I usually buy anime items o there anyway, so I suppose eBay doesn't really mean much to me than a second place for selling my anime items in case they don't sell for a long time here.

Date: 2013-06-23 02:15 pm (UTC)
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I'D BE REALLY PISSED IF THE BUYER TOLD ME 'CHEERS' IN THAT SITUATION! D:< i mean seriously, not replying to all your messages but when you said that you could ship the package, she replied -.- WTF! at least she can try to offer a bit more!

there was a time when someone actually underestimated the shipping cost by $20 so i have to pay her that which i eventually did since she asked for it and it's not really her fault ya know :x


Date: 2013-06-26 02:52 pm (UTC)
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Ahhh /pats
at least you know next time you have to double check shipping costs or turn the international shipping option off! ;u;

yeah, at least she should let you know that she could not pay for shipping rather than to straight out ignore you >:( grr... reminds me of a buyer i encountered in the past. she bought something from me and she didn't want to pay for tracking so when the item didn't arrive, she just filed a dispute >:/ i even offered to send another item to her as compensation and she declined, saying that i'm lying and all. super pissed! i'll never sell to her EVER! D:<

the seller didn't really offer to pay half ;w; plus i'm the buyer so it's my responsibility to pay for shipping T___T
that's why i didn't want to use ebay for selling >.<;; only buying :D


Date: 2013-06-27 02:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, she just insisted that i didn't even send out the item and that's it. i can't be bothered explaining to her anyway so i refunded her >o> after that i decide to ban her and not sell to her ever >:/

that's so true! i mean, it's not like we're gonna run away or anything! can't they just try to talk things over?! -.-

ahh, but i have no choice ;___; it feels wrong for me to ask her to pay half plus i was the one who told her she could probably ship it at that price so i guess she took my word for it without double checking? >o<

anyways, how are you recently? :) are you following any new series? ^^

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